Finally - a beauty shot made the cover!

After 15 years of producing and styling editorial stories, it takes a lot to surprise me.  But this cover was, indeed, a big surprise.  Usually, magazines want to showcase a whole space to entice readers and draw them in.  But for a long time, I've hoped that one of my "beauty" detail photos would eventually make it onto a cover.  Well, I finally got my wish.

The cover of the new Fall/Winter 2016 issue of Country French magazine (a Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publication) features a lovely - and very French - vignette that I styled with luscious David Austin "Juliet" garden roses and beautiful accessories in the living room of Houston interior designer Brooke McGuyer's home.  Of course, it helps to have the enormously talented photographer Ryann Ford behind the camera working her magic.  

The rest of this home is featured in a nine-page feature in the magazine, plus two additional stories I produced & styled in Houston and Little Rock.